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Corporate Communications

We have come to specialise in high-level global corporate communications. Working with some of the world’s largest companies we have developed communication strategies both here in Europe and also directly with clients in the US and China. Our approach is simple – no matter how complex or large the task, a great concept can streamline a project and make information accessible to all.

  • Project Storyboards
  • Interactive pdfs
  • Presentations with WOW
  • Online Communications

Brand Identity Design

  • Concept Development
  • Logo Design
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Brand Materials including print materials and web design

Brand Workshops

Are you setting up a new company? Your brand is your professional personality, it helps to describe what people can expect from you. What do you do, why do you do it? What makes you different? If you aim to present the very best version of yourself when approaching clients and consumers then you should do the same with your brand…

During our 1 day brand workshops we delve deep into what your brand means to you in order to distill it’s most powerful and relevant attributes for your audience. We define your USP’s, target market and brand positioning and refine your messaging down to it’s core points. This allows us to develop a clear and concise communications strategy. From here we develop creative concepts and targeted marketing materials to reach out to your demographic and promote your brand using the most appropriate methods.

Ultimately, we aim to create great brands that are clearly defined and consistent yet have the ability to move with consumers and technologies.


  • Print
  • Advertising
  • Online
  • Social Media

Social Media

Social Media success is driven by ideas that capture your audiences attention on a platform where they can choose who and what they want to interact with. It’s crucial to approach this platform in a targeted way for strong brand representation.