The iPhone 4S’s Siri is an incremental upgrade in terms of hardware, full of fat new tech specs – an A5 processor, a souped-up camera, iOS 5 – jammed into a package that looks exactly the same as the last one.

But there is one BIG difference the interface is gone.

“You will talk to your iThing, it will understand what you mean, and it will just do it. It’s the logical end for a company whose design philosophy is “it just works.” Siri itself may not be powerful enough to embody this vision completely and flawlessly right now, but it’s the first step – the beginning of the end.

Read the full article by John Pavlus HERE. Watch this short video and see what we will be doing next. I like the “Text my wife” request.

P.S. As I was posting this last night Steve Jobs died. RIP. Let’s hope his legacy allows Apple to keep on doing what it’s doing.