31st December comes around quicker with every passing year.

In January 2011 I started this blog and including this post – there are 382 in all with over 1,400 comments. It’s been successful in what it set out to do – to increase traffic to the Raven website. It has actually made a dramatic difference, but I really enjoyed making up or passing on all the whacky things I see along the way. But, to be in the mood to blog requires a lot of energy and I’m amazed I kept it up for so long – I even managed to get a few in around Christmas.

In 2012 there’s going to be less blogging – as of this week – I am beginning to Tweet. I had a personal Tweet account almost from the start of Twitter but I was never really sure why or what I could do with it. Now that the Raven Twitter account has a few followers I’m going to concentrate on that.

Thank you for looking in and a big thanks to those who bothered to comment, I hope you will still look in here the odd time and don’t forget check out @ravendesign1 – you follow me and I’ll follow you.

And let’s hope that it won’t all come crashing to an end on December 12th 2012 (Daniel O’Donnell’s Birthday)