How often have you thought “wouldn’t it be great if you could up load an image to Google and see if and where it exists already?” It looks like it’s here.

Here’s what it says on A Photo Editor

Google is adding the ability to do searches with just an image. I see this being a very useful tool for photo editors who want to fact check something in an image or find out who shot something they like. Also, it seems like it would deter any legitimate businesses stealing images off the web. A simple image search will reveal the source. We’ll have to see how it plays out, but on the surface it seems like a good development for professional photography. With so much imagery flying around there’s a need for things that are original and unique.”

This is good news for professional photographers as they can now upload a photograph they’ve taken and see where it’s being used on the Internet. It will also show similar images by other photographers! tin.eye do something like this, but did not include all pages on the web – so ‘love’em or hate’em’ Google’s done it again.